I’ve been painting miniatures for a very long time. In that time, I’ve used a lot of different paints, clippers, lights, mixers, etc. If you’re looking for something to help you with your hobby, below are my personal choices and suggestions. I’ll be constantly expanding on this page due to the nature of trying new things.

The Everlasting Wet Palette
This has completely changed how I paint. The purpose of a wet palette is to keep your paints useable for longer, which then allows for more opportunities for blending, mixing, as well as you use less paint. The Redgrass wet palette has a tough exterior, and while it functions much like many other wet palettes, I’ve found that this one has a better air tight seal, especially when you use the elastic band to help keep it sealed. One piece of paper lasts me quite some time (usually at least a week). You can also get packs of replacement paper for when you get low.

As you can tell, mine’s seen a lot of use.